I am currently a PhD student at the Scientific Institute IRCCS Eugenio Medea.

My current research project focuses on context-based predictions in clinical populations with
social and motor impairments. In addition, I am working on a project that evaluates virtual reality
training of action prediction as a tool for improving predictive processes in different clinical

I graduated in Neuroscience and Neuropsychological Rehabilitation at the University of Padua
(2018), discussing the thesis “The role of sleep in emotional stimuli recognition over time: an
actigraphic study”. My internship focused on clinical psychophysiology within the broader area of
cognitive, affective, and behavioral neuroscience, by the integrated use of self-report, behavioral,
and physiological measures.

I completed the annual postgraduate internship at the civil hospital of Udine at the Neurology Unit
(2019-2020). During this internship I mainly worked with patients with acquired brain injuries or
with neurodegenerative diseases, focusing on neuropsychological profile and evaluations. In
November 2020 I obtained a Second Cycle Degree Master in “Clinical Neuropsychology” at
University of Padua.

In April 2021 I won a one-year fellowship for the research project "Neurocognitive underpinnings
of social perception abilities in congenital and acquired cerebellar damage " at the scientific
institute IRCCS Eugenio Medea, and my fellow was renewed in January 2022.