I am currently a research fellow at the University of Udine.

My research project is focused on understanding the neural bases of spirituality and religiosity and how these dimensions are related to interoceptive and exteroceptive processing, in the light of predicting coding framework. Furthermore, I am also working on a cerebellar-tDCS study investigating the neural and behavioral bases underlying the ability to predict and understand others’ actions.

In 2017 I graduated in “Developmental and Educational Psychological Sciences” and then I obtained my Master in “Neuroscience and Neuropsychological Rehabilitation” (2020), both at the University of Padua.

During my post-graduate internship, I mainly worked on the study of the neural mechanisms underlying visual processing and perception in healthy participants using different non-invasive brain stimulation techniques (tDCS, tRNS, tACS, TMS). Moreover, at the “Research and Intervention Laboratory - Neurovis.u.s.”, I participated in the evaluation of the visual functions of patients with neurovisual and sensory deficits and I supervised the treatment of these patients using different electrical stimulation (tES) protocols.

My main interests concern the use of different neurophysiological and brain stimulation techniques to study the behavioral, cognitive and affective aspects of brain functioning, especially in neurodevelopmental disorders.