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Clinical and basic research activity on adults is conducted at the Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Laboratory (TMS-Lab) at the Hospital Gervasutta of Udine, established in collaboration with the University of Udine and the Scientific Institute (IRCCS) “E. Medea”.

The TMS-lab (two rooms) is equipped with:

  1. three Magstim TMS devices (Bistim, Rapid and Rapid2)
  2. Nicolet Viking IV and Biopac MP-36 Electromyography and Psychophysiology recording systems
  3. Neuronavigation System (EMS Softaxic)
  4. eye tracking system (Applied Science Laboratory EYE-TRACK-6 desktop)
  5. tDCS device (EMS brainstim)

We have a strong link with the Scientific Institute “E. Medea”, a research child hospital specialized for neurodevelopmental disorders, where we conduct research activity on the neuropsychological bases of social perception in neurodevelopmental disorders.