Letizia Truchi

Letizia Truchi



I am currently a research fellow at the Scientific Institute, IRCCS E. Medea, Pasian di Prato, Udine

I am involved in a research project focused on understanding the neurocognitive mechanisms of social cognition in typical and atypical development, using behavioral tasks based on predictive processes

After a bachelor's in “Psychological Sciences and Techniques” at the University of Bologna (2017), in 2020 I graduated in “Body and Mind Sciences”, in Turin, discussing the thesis “ParlaTO project in developmental age: a pilot study on language enhancement in children with a severe acquired brain injury”. At the moment I am attending the second-cycle master's course in “Psychophysiology and Cognitive Neuroscience” at Consorzio Universitario Humanitas of Rome.

During my post-graduate internship, I worked in the rehabilitation centre “Centro Puzzle”, in Turin, which focused on the rehabilitation of severe brain injuries in developmental age patients. The need to create alternative cognitive rehabilitation approaches has increased my desire to get closer to scientific research

Currently, my interests concern the study of cognitive and social brain functioning in neurodevelopmental disorders, with the future prospect of enhancing the connection between clinical practice and scientific research, creating innovative rehabilitation tools.